We came together at first as just two womxn who had a love for spinning records and a desire for a safe space to do so. Ruca Records was then formed in hopes of uplifting and empowering other womxn in the artist community. We focus on helping create safe spaces where sisters can collaborate together to showcase their artistry in all forms. Ruca Records encourages womxn to reclaim space as we help protect the importance of getting in touch with creative energy while shining light on the underrepresentation of womxn in the music industry. Our main focus is to spread love and we do so through our love for music.


Coming together to form Ruca Records hits a very special place in my heart. Throughout the formation I was just starting to get to know myself and my worth. I’ve struggled for a long time in my life for a sense of identity, and this feeling of home. It wasn’t until I was able to find that unconditional love within myself that I was able to get in touch with my own creative energy, reinventing myself as ‘Solshine.’ My self-discovery journey has led me to be where I am today – a proud co-owner and lover of Ruca Records. My love for instrumental composition, poetry, community, and feminism has brought me to a place full of resilience, beauty, and love. Ruca Records is a representation of female artists, womxn of color, single mothers, and divine feminine energy everywhere.


LaSofaQueen (she/her) is an MC and poet form Salinas Ca. LaSofaQueen also known as Amanda, is a mother & vocational nurse. Her Musical journey began with poetry as an outlet to process trauma through diary entries. Through the discovery of hip hop, her poems quickly turned into rhymes and she has never looked back since she picked up the microphone. Over the years, she has been inspired by womanhood as well as motherhood.